Whether its a thank you for what’s here already, or an incitement to create more of the same, I’m hugely grateful for any donations that will help maintain and expand this website.



This website is a labour of love, my thank you to the world for all the joy and nourishment it gives me, and my small attempt to help restore the vital connection between humans and the edible landscape of which we are all part. It is also a small repayment for the knowledge and inspiration I have gained from a wealth of generous teachers down the years.

I try to keep the wide range of fairly complex information it contains accessible, attractive and up to date, as well as sharing thousands of foraging tips and pointers per year on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds. I answer hundreds of questions a year through its comments threads and on my social media channels. Its a pleasure to help people connect, and I regularly see things I have shared over the years trickling through other feeds, platforms and businesses.

I very happily do all of this for free and will continue to do so, without any advertising – ever!

Until now i’ve ignored requests to add a donate button. But recently i’ve realised that in order to pay my bills, I have to focus more and more of my time on the paid part of my (rather wonderful) job, leaving less time to spend adding and updating content.

So, if you’d like to buy me a coffee, or better still a pint, or even donate a little more, it will help me alter this balance and spend more time expanding, updating and improving what is here.

Whether its a thank you for what’s here already, or an incitement to create more of the same, i’m hugely grateful for any donations.



Note: Galloway Wild Foods is not a registered charity. I’ve made donating an option because i’ve had many requests for this from users of this website.

Donations are can be made by PayPal or Debit/Credit card.  Takes less than 1 minute!

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