Consultation and Product Development for Wild Food Businesses

Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods provides wild food and foraging focussed business advice, botanical consultation, product development and brand promotion for individuals, groups, landowners and businesses of all sizes, from tiny artisanal start-ups to global corporations. Mark has 30 years of experience working with foraging teachers, chefs, distillers, bartenders, brewers, brands, TV production companies, hospitality events, pop-ups, food producers and educators, helping them find the best way to incorporate wild foods and foraging into projects and businesses.

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Mark has been at the forefront of the upsurge of interest in wild and foraged food and drinks across the UK over the past 30 years. He has trained, mentored and inspired many of the new generation of foragers, foraging teachers, wild-inspired chefs, distillers and creative bartenders, and is a key influencer across his website and social media channels.

Mark is a founding member and driving force behind The Association of Foragers, an international association of foraging teachers/consultants and wild food suppliers.

Having worked as a chef and artisanal producer, and in close collaboration with leading bartenders, distillers and brewers, Mark has developed a clear understanding of the processes, challenges, terminology and needs of creative brands looking to explore, develop and promote wild-inspired products.

All consulting work is tailored entirely to the individual needs of clients. It usually includes some or all of the following:

  • Wild inspiration and innovation
  • Technical advice around safety, insurance, messaging, best practice, event design, promotion etc for wild food educators
  • Working with artisans/brands to identify authentic flavours of time and place
  • Flavour profiling of wild botanicals
  • Surveying a geographical area for wild resources
  • Identifying abundant species suitable for scaleable commercial use
  • Advising on/designing responsible, sustainable and commercially viable harvesting strategies
  • Working with clients to tune plant identification skills and general botanical knowledge
  • Detailed reports of wild resource availability throughout the year
  • Advising on legal responsibilities with regards commercial use of wild resources including food safety, hazard analysis, supply chains, handling practices, labelling etc
  • Staff training and wild days out
  • Brand promotion and consumer engagement through guided walks, social media posts and blogging.


Example 1: Working with a hobby forager looking to develop a business teaching about foraging – including event design, land access, insurance, pricing, promotion, risk assessments, group management and general mentoring

Example 2: Assessing, evaluating and reporting on local botanicals for a start-up gin brand.

Example 3: Teaching a brigade of chefs how to find, sustainably harvest and safely use wild ingredients from around their restaurant.

Example 4: Connecting renowned bartenders from around the world with wild ingredients as part of a brand engagement campaign.

Example 5: Writing website content and social media posts to engage professionals and consumers with an international gin brand

Example 6: Advising NGO’s on land use policy with regard to wild harvests and foraging


All consultations are carried out in strict confidence. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a confidential no-obligation discussion on how a consultation might work for your business.

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OR Book a 40 minute 1-to-1 Zoom session (Select “Wild food business consultation/mentoring : £50”)

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