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I’ve gathered together a few of the short films and TV/Radio appearances I’ve made over the years…

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I spent a day Border Life foraging in woodland, coastal and urban locations then cooking up a wild feast. A beautiful day in Galloway, captured in this 15 minute film:

Border Life Episode 28 – Play from 9 minutes 42 seconds


Click Image to go to video: Foraging Section starts at 9 min 42 sec

I recorded a full half hour with BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme on wild UK spices and the search for a Scottish curry. Listen by clicking below, and read the accompanying blog here.

“That day foraging with you was one of my most memorable Food Programme recordings ever. Standing in the river while you expiated on angelica seeds I thought, This is Happiness! And the food you made! …we had an enormous excited reaction to the programme on social media”

– Sheila Dillon, The Food Programme, BBC Radio 4.


A lot of my work involves looking at how foraged flavours can work in drinks and cocktails.  I  invited some of my foragy/boozy/cheffy friends from around the UK over to the island of Islay to play with The Botanist Gin and wild flavours: this is the video we made…

Wild Cocktail competition – a great wee film of The Caledonian Barman’s Cup, where the competitors had to come up with a cocktail based on The Botanist Gin and ingredients they had foraged for themselves. The 6 finalists were then given a “mystery box” of ingredients (foraged and prepared by myself, top mixologists and chefs) and had 20 minutes to invent a new cocktail. I got to be judge too, which was a lot of fun!

Click image to view video

Click image to view video


Shoot with chef Nick Nairn for BBC Landward: Autumn fungi foraging – ceps and hedgehog fungi


Short pilot for a proposed foraging TV series. A bit light on detail, but we meet pink purslane and hedgehog fungi and cook up a feast with pheasantelderberries and loads of other wild treats.


We shot this video at a huge fungi forage I led in Galloway Forest Park. Lots of tips and thoughts on mushroom foraging in general. My top 5 foraging tips are here and you can read more about the species I mention here.


Having fun catching razor (spoot) clams – shunning the traditional “pour salt down the hole” method, I prefer Mollusc Wrestling, or Sporting Spooting

Read more about the joys of spoot clams on my wild food guide here.

Border News feature on autumn foraging in Galloway (Click Picture)

Click to view video

Click to view video


How I forage my lunch – 15 species in about 5 square metres! I’m afraid the film quality is awful, but hopefully you’ll still enjoy. Most of the species I mention are featured on my Wild Food Guide.

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