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“That day foraging with you was one of my most memorable Food Programme recordings ever. Standing in the river while you expiated on angelica seeds I thought, This is Happiness! And the food you made!  …we had an enormous excited reaction to the programme on social media”

– Sheila Dillon, The Food Programme, BBC Radio 4.

(Read Sheila’s blog about foraging here, and isten to the programme we recorded here)

Please click on the links below to view film, articles, reviews, blogs and feedback on Galloway Wild Foods foraging events

  • Sunday Mail article on foraging with Galloway Wild Foods: Part 1; Part 2



  • Charlii says:

    Hi Mark,

    You took us on a wonderful adventure back in may, and I wanted to write a glowing review, albeit it belated… sorry about that… but I don’t know where to write it.

    Directly on your facebook wall?
    Tripadvisor- cant see profile, or on this website- how?

    I’m loving all the things you have put on facebook btw.

    Thanks again for a truly wonderful experience.
    The Banks Family.

    • mark says:

      Hi All!

      Thanks for this. You can put something on my FB page if you still feel inclined.

      Thanks for the nice feedback. 🙂

      Happy foraging,


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