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Three Webinars providing a thorough grounding in understanding, identifying and connecting with fungi and wild mushrooms. You can buy this product at any time and watch as many times as you like.


Purchase all three recorded fungi webinars at a reduced price:

  1. Understanding Fungi
  2. Wild Mushroom Identification
  3. 20 Common, Poisonous, Medicinal and Delicious Wild Mushrooms to Learn Before You Die

A link and password to view individual webinars cost £12.50 each, but you can buy all 3 here for £30.

To buy individual webinars, see here.

These webinars are designed to give a full and rounded understanding of what fungi are, how they grow, how to identify their visible parts, and how to connect with some important wild mushrooms. Together they are designed to give those nearer the start of their learning journey with fungi a solid foundation, techniques and inspiration to take their learning forward. The webinars use a combination of photos, illustrations, videos and discussion to illuminate all aspects of the subject.

“Thankyou! I thoroughly enjoyed all three presentations, very informative gave me motivation to move forward and progress on from the look and don’t touch attitude. :-)”

– H.M. (Comment from live webinar)

The webinars were recorded live and are presented by Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods who has been exploring and teaching about fungi for 30 years, and specialises in making this often daunting subject fun and approachable. Each webinar includes a Q&A session recorded with participants in the live event.

The webinars cover:

1Understanding Fungi

Approx. 1 hr Webinar + 30 minutes Q&A

If you want to connect with wild mushrooms it is important to first understand what they are and how they work. This webinar is intended as as the foundation of a deep appreciation of fungi, and a launchpad from which to find, identify and enjoy them.

“Thanks for an excellent talk, mind officially blown!” – Kirsty (Comment on live Webinar)

Themes for this webinar include:

  • What are fungi? – Their defining characteristics
  • The important roles fungi play in nature
  • Understanding mycelium
  • Eat like fungi:Fungal Nutritional Lifestyles
  •  Ecosystem engineers: Fungi as terraformers
  • Think like fungi: Mycorrhizal fungi and the Wood Wide Web
  • Fungi sex and reproduction
  • Human uses of fungi
  • Myco-remediation
  • Further learning: Resources and key texts to take your learning forward
  • Recorded Q&A session

Exploring the nuances and complexity of mycelial networks

2. Wild Mushroom Identification

Approx. 1hr Webinar + 20 minutes Q&A

Learn the skills to find, observe, photograph and identify wild mushrooms.

“Thanks for the great talk – fascinating and inspiring to get out there and identify”

– N.B. (Comment on live webinar)

Key themes of this webinar include:

  • Finding mushrooms – where and how to look
  • Habitat, substrates and partner organisms
  • Basic forms and reproductive strategies
  • The anatomy of a mushroom – key terms and observations
  • Using the senses: Smell, Texture, Taste
  • Putting it all together
  • How to photograph mushrooms for ID purposes
  • Recommended guidebooks and thoughts on ID Apps
  • Top tips to take you forward

This webinar looks in detail at all the key features that will help you to identify wild mushrooms

3. Twenty Common, Poisonous, Medicinal and Delicious Wild Mushrooms to Learn Before You Die

Approx. 70 mins Webinar + 20 mins Q&A

Accelerate your learning by getting intimate with 20 of the UK’s most important wild mushrooms to know.

“Amazing, inspiring and will get us outside to explore more fungi – thank you!”

– D.H. (Comment on live webinar)

Key themes of this webinar include:

  • 13 of the UKs most common wild mushrooms (which often make up over half of all the mushrooms you encounter); how to identify them; and information on edibility, medicinal properties or toxicity
  • A discussion of the factors that make some mushrooms abundant
  • A general discussion about mushroom toxicity, its prevalence, and putting to bed a few common myths and misconceptions
  • The UK’s 5 most poisonous fungi species, how to identify them, and some grizzly details about their toxicity
  • A discussion of the myths and often unfounded paranoia regarding toxic mushrooms
  • 5 of the UK’s most abundant, tasty late season (October/November) edible wild mushrooms, and how to find, identify, considerately harvest, propogate and use them

Each species is explored in detail, with clear, accurate photographs, illustrations and annotations. Image ©

“Really brilliant series of talks, thanks a lot for sharing the knowledge” – George (Comment on live webinar)

These webinars can also be purchased individually:

  1. Recorded Webinar: Understanding Fungi
  2. Recorded Webinar: Wild Mushroom Identification
  3. Recorded Webinar: 20 Very Common, Very poisonous and Delicious Wild Mushrooms You Should Learn Before You Die

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Mark Williams has been teaching about fungi and guiding fungi forays for over 30 years.

How it Works:

  • On completion of purchase you will be emailed  3 links and 3 password to view the webinars on this website, with links to associated articles
  • The link and passwords are valid for a minimum of 3 months from the date of purchase
  • The webinar can be viewed as many times as you like while your link is valid

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