spore print chart


  • Maria says:

    This spore print chart is very helpful, thanks for sharing. I found a mushroom in my garden that looks like honey mushroom, have spore-print in white color but there are some features that make me doubt. Since I found it in old stage, I’m not sure about the color of its gills that looks brownish but what I know is that light color gills usually have white or light color spores. This mushroom looks like Inocybe species but this kind of mushrooms have brownish to dark color spores…I wish to upload a picture but is not possible here. You can find a video about this information that I hope someone help me to find out in YouTube looking for: m.m.h.g. Don’t Stop Shining


    • Julia Mesnikoff says:

      There is a detailed post on honey fungus – including its highly variable appearance – on this website here:
      Best wishes,

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