pink purslane1


  • Nell says:

    I am trying to find out which plants are edible and which are not. Right now I am looking for edible purslane, however, your website is very confusing.

    • mark says:

      “Edible purslane” is not a plant I am familiar with. See this page for info on pink purslane (Claytonia Sibirica). If you are interested in sea purslane (halimione portculacoides) then you will need to look elsewhere as I haven’t yet added it to my guide, it being quite a rarity in Galloway. I’m not sure what you find so confusing about this site, or how you managed to end up commenting on a picture file. Start here to access the free wild food guide and simply click on the names of the plants or fungi you want to learn more about. If you click on the pictures, you will get a zoomed shot of the plant. There is a simple and comprehensive list of pages down the right hand side that will lead you to further information. I will be improving the navigation on the site over the winter.

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