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You can contact me on any of my social media channels or via the comments box below –  I love to hear from you.

But messages on social media channels are like waving to me across a busy pub – I may or may not see you, and if I do, its easy to lose the thread, and almost impossible to progress any booking or business enquiry.

If you really need to get my attention, and especially if you are contacting me about an event booking,  private booking, botanical consultation, or a press/media enquiry, I strongly recommend you use email.

 You can email me on

If you are contacting me about an existing booking please always include:

  •  The full name of the event on which you are booked, as it appears on the events calendar listing
  • The date of the event
  • Your booking confirmation that you received by email on completion of the purchase

For more general chat or banter, you can also hail me on the following platforms, but I don’t check them daily, and if your enquiry requires any level of detail, i”ll probably just ask you to switch to email anyway! If you are looking for help with identification, please consider booking me for online 1-to-1 mentoring.

Twitter: @markwildfood

Facebook: Galloway Wild Foods

Instagram: @markwildfood


  • Alison Henderson says:

    Hi Mark,

    Any chance you could put me on a cancellation list for the foraging course on the 7th May? I would take a couple of places.
    Many thanks


  • Nicki Simon says:

    Hi mark,
    I left a message on your voicemail about hogweed in hay for horses and whether it would be poisonous; I have been looking through some other/more information on it and apparently it is.
    I have a 2 acre field that is inundated with the stuff, last year I pulled and cut as much as I could by hand, wearing gloves and long sleeves! The bit I didn’t manage to do wasn’t used to make hay. This year there seems to be even more of the pesky stuff and I am dreading having to hand-pull/cut it all again. I don’t spray my fields as I try to leave my hay as organic as possible for my ponies, 1 arab and 2 Shetlands.
    So my query is do you know what would be the best way to get rid of this plant, preferably without chemical spraying as the herbicides are not good for my ponies.
    Are there any natural herbicides I could use that you might know of?
    We are not interested in eating it I’m afraid!!
    Thanks very much for your time, nicki x

    • mark says:

      Hi Nicki,
      Sorry, horse food or weed control (other than eating) is not my speciality. If you are pulling it up anyway, and really have no interest in eating this delicious and highly nutritious vegetable, i’d recommend selling the shoots, buds and seeds maybe consider selling it to a foraged goods supplier. My friend Miles Irving at Forager Ltd would certainly be interested. Or try any forward-thinking chefs in the area.
      Best wishes

  • Sheila says:

    Thanks for a fantastic day in Cally Woods and on Carrick Shore–the banquet and the drinks were delicious.
    John and I had so much fun! We hope to be able to join you on another of your walks very soon.

  • Peter Banks says:

    Great website! Genuine, informative and very readable. Great foraging integrity too! I tend to just pick what I know, pied de mouton, puffball, etc… but some of the species you’ve highlighted I’ve never tried and will now definitely keep my eyes peeled for! Thank you.


  • Lucy Gerrard says:

    Hi Mark
    Love your pictures on Instagram! My partner & I are working on The Isles Of Scilly through the summer on a Workaway scheme, I don’t know if you’re familiar with it? You work for 5 hours per day 5 days per week in exchange for food and accommodation. We’d love to see Scotland and wondered if you have any placements available? Or anything you need help with? We really love foraging and would love to learn more if only for a week or two. Many thanks, Lucy

    • mark says:

      Hi Lucy,
      Sorry for my slow reply – your comment slipped under my radar.
      We have had Woofers to help on our garden in the past, but no plans to at present.
      I’m a pretty self-contained operation with my teaching work, and am currently taking some time out for writing.

  • Sally Lockey says:

    Hi Mark,

    We really enjoyed listening to you on radio 4 last week. When will you be announcing dates for courses? I’d love to get something booked as a Christmas gift for my husband.


    • mark says:

      Hi Sally, Thanks, so glad you enjoyed it. I usually start scheduling events in January. A gift voucher would allow him to book the event (or private tuition) that suits him:

  • Nick C says:

    Hi Mark,

    I live on the west coast of Cumbria, and was wondering if you are running any foraging courses in the Lake District this year?


    • mark says:

      Hi Nick,
      Yes, I will be. I will be scheduling my spring/early summer events over the next few weeks – please keep an eye on my events calendar/social media/newsletter.

  • clare devlin says:

    Hi Mark,
    I rang a little while ago to ask about joining your foraging walk and unfortunately(for me) they’re now
    all full. Would there be any chance of squeezing one more in or going on a waiting list if someone dropped out? The dates I’d be most interested in are 27 th September and 26 th October.

    Kind Regards, Clare

    • Mark Williams says:

      Hi Clare, Sorry, I only just picked up this comment. If you click on the sold out event listings there are instructions on how to be added to the waiting list for that event.

  • Bill Metcalfe says:

    Hello Mark, Please tell me in the autumn can i buy Blewits from you.? Thanks Bill.

  • Polyporecolors says:

    I CANNOT BELIEVE AFTER >ALL my YEARS of FORAGING & developing my identification skillsie>Seattle; San Fran-etc. As the only BOOK back then on HERBS & MEDICAL “PROPERTIES” was “BACK to EDEN”! SO i started in the mid-70’s~
    and THEN became very interested in TCM & FUNGI+
    Am so fortunate to have my & own little “piece of woods” + sorry this is lengthy BUT wanted you to know where i am >coming fromPRIVILEGED to find your SITE<!II

  • Margueritte Kent says:

    Hi Mark, or anyone else that can help
    you wouldnt by any chance know anything about Irish Law or olde Irish law when it comes to foraging please

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